What is the best type of boot liner?

A boot liner is increasingly becoming the ‘must have’ car accessory. Whether it is for protecting your boot from filthy wellies, muddy paws, or all those accidental spillages! 

A boot liner is your ‘Boot Buddy’ – buy the correct custom made fit for your vehicle, and your ‘Boot Buddy’ will take care of your boot!

At UK Custom Covers, we are all about the complete custom fit. We make sure the liner will not only fit the vehicle, but also the specific model. Whether your vehicle has a low floor, raised floor, rear seat drop or extra protection for your bumper.

Prepare your boot space for the install of a boot liner

Firstly, you need to prepare your boot space for the boot liner fitting. 

The following tips will help you:

  • Ensure you clean the area before you attach the self-adhesive Velcro – we recommend ‘Intensive tar remover’ by AutoGym. 
  • It is important to remove any silicone film from the trim, to ensure a good bond.
  • Leave the area to dry for ten minutes, wipe off any residue with a dry clean cloth before applying the self-adhesive Velcro.
  • NOTE: The adhesive takes 24 hours to reach full adhesive.

How to install your new boot liner

  • Firstly, lay the boot liner out on a clean surface, shiny side up.
  •  On the boot liner you will see small Velcro segments. Using the provided Velcro, cut to the relevant sizes.
  • Apply your Velcro tabs to the corresponding Velcro strips on the liner. Leave the back of the self-adhesive Velcro on.
  • Place the boot liner in the boot, ensuring the liner is placed shiny side down. 
  • Take the six straps at the top of the boot liner and attach one to each headrest pole and secure it.
  • Place the side panels in position, push the pockets of the boot liner into the recesses on each side if applicable. Gently peel off the Velcro backing strips and secure the liner to the vehicle around the sides. 
  • At the tailgate end (below boot entrance), use the liner as a guide to peel off the Velcro backing and attach directly to the vehicle. 

Video tutorial of how to fit your new boot liner

This video demonstration of how to fit your new boot liner will provide you with a great overview of the steps to follow to ensure the best fitting.

PLEASE REMEMBER, these instructions are based on one specific vehicle and model – Any queries please ring customer services on 02392 383635.

Having such high-quality protection and custom fit does tend to be more expensive than a universal alternative, however it is worth a little extra for safeguarding and having the perfect boot fit.