Whether you’re buying a boot liner to protect your car, 4x4 or SUV boot from mucky paws, leakages, or for general boot care, it would be good to know which one to invest in for your vehicle.

With so many types on the market, which one should you choose, and is it worth paying more for what you get?

Custom Fit v Universal Boot Liner Comparison

Custom Fit Boot Liners

Universal Boot Liners

Complete Custom Fit for you vehicleTends to be more expensive.Lower costWill not be a Complete Custom Fit.
High Quality Material that's durableHand washable onlyThe best universal liners are machine washable.Not always waterproof
Easy to FitWon’t go from car to carOne size fits most vehicles.Made with thin lower quality material
Stays secure
Can provide extra protection for seats and bumpers

Custom Fit Boot Liners

In a nutshell, custom-made boot liners are just that, ‘Custom Fit’ to the vehicle and model PERFECTLY.

At UK Custom Covers we offer two ‘Custom Fit’ options, standard and quilted.

A car with its trunk open

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  • Standard - Our regular boot liners are made from a one layer of marine-strength canvas, with a waterproof coating on the underside.
  • Quilted - Our quilted liner is 2 layers sandwiching foam padding in between and is also waterproof. Padded boot liners also offer extra protection against scuffs or marks from bulky items such as sports equipment and hard-wearing tools. The fabric can also add comfort for your pet on those long journeys, for the perfect walk!


A boot liner that fits all, and costs less, sounds too good to be true!

  • Materials – are normally made from low-cost and low-quality fabric, which is more likely to tear, and therefore not do the job you paid less for!
  • Fittings – generally come in small, medium, large sizes. There is no account for shape or depth of a boot – there will certainly be parts it does not cover.
  • Accessories – it is unlikely you will receive any separate accessories to protect the bumper, power sockets etc.

Final Thought 

If you’re looking for a boot liner that’s a quick fix, then universal is probably the one for you, however if you love your car, 4x4 or SUV, and want to protect it, then Custom Fit is the best option and worth those extra pennies!