Installation Guide

UK Screen Wrap all weather vehicle windscreen protector

The UK Screen Wrap all weather windscreen protector is premium quality custom fit solution that covers your vehicle windscreen and front widows to help protect them from the weather.

In the winter it will protect your vehicle from frost, snow and ice, while in the summer it will help to keep your vehicle cool. It can also protect your vehicles interior from potential sun damage.

Fitting precautions

  • Ensure that when fitting, the lower area of the cover is placed under the vehicle wiper blades.

  • The vehicle wiper blades should be carefully lowered onto the screen wrap, so not to risk damaging the cover.

  • When removing the screen wrap from the windscreen ensure that the wiper blades are carefully lifted from the covers surface, and placed gently back onto the vehicle windscreen.

Fitting steps

  1. Place the Screen Wrap onto the windscreen of the vehicle.

  2. Secure the screen wrap to the drivers side door, it is an envelope panel that is designed to custom fit over the top of the vehicle's door frame.

  3. Close the drivers side door.

  4. Secure the screen wrap to the passengers side door, just as you have on the drivers side door.

  5. Before closing the passengers side door, carefully lift the wiper blades, and place them onto the screen wrap.

  6. Close the passengers side door.

  7. Secure the screen wrap to the vehicle wing mirrors, using the integrated fasteners.

Removal steps

  1. Loosen and remove the wing mirror fasteners.

  2. Remove the screen wrap envelope side panels from the vehicle doors.

  3. Carefully lift the wiper blades away from the screen wrap.

  4. Carefully lift / remove the screen wrap from the vehicle.

Cleaning and storage

  • Hang your canvas screen wrap somewhere to dry should it be wet or damp.

  • The screen wrap can be easily placed into its supplied storage bag,¬†once dry, for safekeeping.

  • Your screen wraps can be wiped clean if necessary.

  • Do not machine wash your screen wrap.